Made to Measure Kilt


Made to Measure Kilt

Our quality hand crafted made to measure kilts are produced from a select handful of kiltmakers which we think are the very best to be found anywhere in Scotland.

8 Yard kilt to ensure depth of pleats from pure worsted wool.
Finest quality canvas and linings which allows the kilt to breath and ensures wear for many years.
Pleats are tightly stitched and are 33% of the length of the kilt for perfect hang and swing.
Made so that the waist size can be adjusted inwards as well as outwards.
We fit two leather straps and buckles on the waist, and one on the hip.
Double fringed as standard.
2 tartan belt loops to the back sewn to exactly match so they appear hidden.

Pass us your measurements in the form below and we will quote you a competitve price



We advise getting someone to help you take your measurements – to improve accuracy.

Referring to the labels A to F in the diagram:

A: Neck: This measurement is taken around the neck.

B: Chest: Place the tape underneath your armpits and then measure snugly

C: Sleeve length: This is taken from the top of the sleeve at the shoulder seam to the middle of the end of the sleeve.

D: Waist: This measurement is taken around the waist navel height

E: Seat (Hips): Please put your feet together, then measure the broadest part of your hips.

F: Kilt length: Please kneel on the ground, place the tape on the floor then measure up to your navel. Please don’t look down – this will alter the measurement.